Scores, parts and lead sheets. I will transform your printed, MIDI, or handwritten scores into high-quality engravings in Finale notation program.

Live performance in 2017 of D. W. Griffith's "Corner in Wheat" with new score by L. C. Harnsberger


Having composed large- and small-scale works in virtually every genre, I can comfortably create scores for films, and commercials in every style.  From opera to punk, and solo guitar to massive orchestra with chorus and huge percussion section, I can make any ensemble work with every mood you need.

Select Film & Commercial Credits


  • Featured music in the independent musical film "Song of the Sea"
  • Themes for the "No-Brainer" series of Alfred Music's educational music videos
  • Theme for "Good Meals" (YouTube series--one episode)
  • Score for Alfred Music's 2013 Promotional "Lifestyle" Video
  • Bumper music for Alfred Music's web commercial for the "Lang Lang Piano Method"
  • "Corner in Wheat": full score for the 1909 silent film directed by D.W. Griffith (2016) (see photo above with live orchestra)
  • "Ramona": full score for the 1910 silent film directed by D.W. Griffith (2017) performed with live orchestra


  • Inside Monkey Zetterland: "Caro Mio Ben" for strings and two voices; Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto 2nd Movement for calliope; Final Shootout orchestration
  • Avia Shoes: "Dr. Drexler and Mr. Clyde" full orchestra orchestrations for 30- and 60-second versions
  • Foot Joy: "The Dig": 30- and 60-second TV commercial orchestration for strings, piano and drumset (performed by Hal Blaine)
  • Acura: "Slide Off" orchestration
  • Orchestration of demo scenes for Stuart Crane's un-produced musical adaptation of Cyrano
  • Music copying and parts for Jim Fox's score for the film "Deadfall" (with Nicolas Cage)
  • Orchestration of five songs for the album "Electrik Christmas" by Jean-Michel Danton


Send me your MIDI files and I can create fully orchestrated versions of your music. I can also work from printed scores and audio recordings.


Whether arranging popular songs for orchestra, creating sing-along tracks, or making Tchaikovsky's violin concerto sound great on calliope, I can make it work. Large or small ensembles, computer MIDI arrangements, or fully produced recordings.

Video Samples of Recent Re-Scores

I have over 20 years experience writing, arranging, and orchestrating music for films, stage, and commercials.

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