Select Film & Commercial Credits


  • Selected music for the 1993 independent musical film "Song of the Sea"
  • Themes for the "No-Brainer" series of Alfred Music's educational music videos
  • Theme for "Good Meals" (YouTube series--one episode)
  • Score for Alfred Music's 2013 Promotional "Lifestyle" Video
  • Bumper music for Alfred Music's web commercial for the "Lang Lang Piano Method"
  • "Corner in Wheat": full score for the 1909 silent film directed by D.W. Griffith (2016) (see photo above with live orchestra)
  • "Ramona": full score for the 1910 silent film directed by D.W. Griffith (2017) performed with live orchestra


  • Inside Monkey Zetterland: "Caro Mio Ben" for strings and two voices; Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto 2nd Movement for calliope; Final Shootout orchestration
  • Avia Shoes: "Dr. Drexler and Mr. Clyde" full orchestra orchestrations for 30- and 60-second versions
  • Foot Joy: "The Dig": 30- and 60-second TV commercial orchestration for strings, piano and drumset (performed by Hal Blaine)
  • Acura: "Slide Off" orchestration
  • Orchestration of demo scenes for Stuart Crane's un-produced musical adaptation of Cyrano
  • Music copying and parts for Jim Fox's score for the film "Deadfall" (with Nicolas Cage)
  • Orchestration of five songs for the album "Electrik Christmas" by Jean-Michel Danton

Film Scores


Scores, parts and lead sheets. I will transform your printed, MIDI, or handwritten scores into high-quality engravings in Finale notation program.

LCH Music

composer • orchestrator • author


Whether arranging popular songs for orchestra, creating sing-along tracks, or making Tchaikovsky's violin concerto sound great on calliope, I can make it work. Large or small ensembles, computer MIDI arrangements, or fully produced recordings.


Having composed large- and small-scale works in virtually every genre, I can comfortably create scores for films, and commercials in every style.  From opera to punk, and solo guitar to massive orchestra with chorus and huge percussion section, I can make any ensemble work with every mood you need.

I have over 20 years experience writing, arranging, and orchestrating music for films, stage, and commercials.

Live performance in 2017 of D. W. Griffith's "Corner in Wheat" with new score by L. C. Harnsberger


Send me your MIDI files and I can create fully orchestrated versions of your music. I can also work from printed scores and audio recordings.