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Watch the entire 2022 Elfman concert here:

Danny Elfman Live at the Hollywood Bowl 2022

by L. C. Harnsberger

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Danny Elfman's 2022 Hollywood Bowl performance was easily one of the greatest live performances I’ve ever seen. The synthesis of a skilled band, full orchestra, and video were sublimely synched to create a feast for the ears and eyes. I never thought I would ever see a sold out crowd be just as enthusiastic about complex mixed-meter, heavy rock music as they were with orchestral music. Danny Elfman has bridged a gap that that has been wider than the Grand Canyon. I am convinced orchestral music is alive and well for at least another generation thanks to Danny Elfman! And he isn’t a flash in the pan—he is the real deal. His melodic and rhythmic inventiveness catapult his music above lesser musical artists. His orchestral collaborations with gifted musician and orchestrator Steve Bartek belong in many more concert halls(not to mention Danny’s recent pieces written specifically for concert halls). There are some new composers who have picked up on Danny Elfman’s frenetic musical energy (who I won’t name now), but EVERY composer and concert promoter should have gone to school on the two sold out Hollywood Bowl shows this last weekend. Also, elements of the video were far above what one would expect at a concert like this—visuals were clever, and well synched with the music. Some were light and utilized existing film footage such as the montage for Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and the Simpson’s themes, but others evoked the surreal and poignant punk art of Gee Vaucher, and others included imagery more often found in experimental art films. Needless to say, I will eagerly attend Danny Elfman’s future shows whether it is under the guise of Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman, Nightmare Before Christmas, or Danny’s concert music. He represents music’s recent past, and, more importantly, the future of music.